4 Kids Bedroom Styles and Themes To Try Out

The bedroom your kids stay in is their personal playground and the space where their imagination runs wild, so it’s only fitting that you design and decorate them according to their fancies. Handyman Connection of Chicago Central lists four kids bedroom styles and themes to try out.

Bedroom Styles

  1. The Old West Is Best

Nothing can enchant your little adventurous bundle of joy more than the thrilling and whimsical world of the Wild West. Whether your kid wants to be the next Man With No Name or Calamity Jane, you can’t go wrong with a full Western theme. Keep the furniture traditional and wooden to establish the appearance and try a cowboy-themed Western wallpaper for the walls.

  1. The Princess’ Room

Your daughter fancies herself as a princess of another kingdom, and her bedroom is her castle; or in this case, her royal quarters. You can be her loyal subject by transforming her bedroom into a dwelling fit for royalty. Springtime colors should dominate the decor to give that dreamy fantasy-feel. The window to her room should be her focal point, and we suggest you place the bed in such a way that the headboard slightly covers the window. This creates a nice aesthetic touch when you couple it with the appropriate curtains.

  1. Book Lover’s Pad

If your kids prefer to immerse themselves in books, then the best way to make their room more accommodating is to turn it into a mini-library. Give your Little Einstein a small study table and bookcase. Keep the decorations simple and let warm and earthy colors dominate the room. This helps create a more relaxing environment for your inquisitive tot.

  1. Beach-Inspired Dwelling

Summer’s a great time to go to the beach, and your children might not get enough of the rolling waves and warm sand. So turn their room into a beach-inspired dwelling. Blues and sandy white colors should dominate their room, and the decor should be nautical or summer-inspired. Make sure you keep the windows free from any obstructions so that you let ample daylight in their room.

Handyman Connection of Chicago Central is ready to help transform your kid’s bedroom into their own personal retreat. Fill out our form or give us a call at (312) 265-3886 for more information on our services.

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